PRESS RELEASE: Castries, St. Lucia, August 9, 2018 – Staff of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) and Office of the Mayor are now more visible after team members, including managerial and  line-staff, were provided new uniforms.


Uniforms were distributed to some two hundred and fifty employees as part of efforts to further enhance the image of the CCC.

Six departments benefitted from the uniforms which showcase corporate branding.

The uniforms include pink and turquoise scrubs for comfort station staffers, polo shirts, button-up shirts and dress pants for Sanitation Workers and Cemetery and Parks Departments employees and business wear for the Market and Administrative Department staff.

Speaking to the new dress code, Communications Manager, Mr. Jason Hullingseed said it will facilitate identification of the staff and help members of the public recognize CCC employees who are posted at their respective work stations.

“It is in keeping with the professional image of Council. This complete process has been about making our employees look and feel the greatest, because we know if you look and feel good in what you’re wearing, you are going to provide even more exceptional service to the public.”