Craftmasters to Host Twisted Cricket

On June 26th, 2018 , The Choiseul Co-Operative Credit Union Craftmasters will be hosting ‘Twisted Cricket’.
The public is invited to come out and have some fun with the team where they would get an opportunity to meet the players, have their photos taken with the players and even get autographs from the players.
Mini competitions have been set as one of the activities planned for the day. The cricket will be played with some twisted rules where each team will choose from 3 wild cards to use:
  1. Disability Card – The team who uses this card decides who they want to disable for the next 6 balls and which disability
    ~ Blindness – The batter is blindfolded and has to face the next 6 balls blindfolded
    ~ 1 Arm – Player can only use 1 arm for the next 6 balls
    ~ 1 Leg –Player can only stand on 1 leg for the next 6 balls
  2. Free Hit Card – If the batter of the team who uses this card decides he doesn’t want to face the bowler he can then put the ball on a tee where he would hit it for  3 tries
  3. Not Out Card – The team who uses this card is allowed to overturn the umpires decision
  4. Interference – The team with this card chooses who the other team sends to bowl or bat next.
The event promises to be fun filled and exciting. It is set to take place at the Riviere Doree Anglican Combined School from 10am.
Tell a friend to tell a friend and come out to support this Twisted Cricket event!