Health Ministry urges to act responsibly during Carnival

The Ministry of Health is urging revelers to keep their safety in mind and act responsibly as they enjoy everything Carnival has to offer.
Carnival season, which kicked off on May 31 and runs through to July 18, draws not only tourists but also expatriates back home from all over the world to celebrate with friends and family.
 “We know that Carnival is a time where you have persons of all different backgrounds engaging, literally letting their hair down,” said Senior Medical Officer for Infectious Disease Dr Michelle Francois in a press release. “We encourage you to do so in a very responsible manner.”
 “During the season at many of these activities persons tend to consume alcohol and we are aware of the effects of alcohol on the brain, in that it reduces your reflex time and cause persons to engage in activities which they would not normally do when sober.”
 “Activities such as engaging in risky sexual behaviors are of concern to the Ministry of Health. By risky behaviors we refer to persons engaging in casual sex, multiple partners as well as unprotected sex.”
 Dr Francois said condoms reduced the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/Aids, as well as reducing the risk of pregnancy.
 “So we ask persons to come out, get tested to know your status, be responsible this Carnival season. For persons who choose not to abstain, we ask that you use condoms every time you have sex.”
 Dr Francois added that condoms are available at the wellness centers around the island and at the infectious disease unit in the Ministry of Health.