Is the public health system privatizing by GOSL?

Press Release:
Information reaching Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc alleges the Government of Saint Lucia will proceed to Parliament next week to amend the Millennium Heights Medical Complex Act No. 1 of 2015, from a Statutory Body of the Government of Saint Lucia, to facilitate full privatization of Owen King EU Hospital, the Mental Wellness Center which will be used as a Medical University and subsequently St. Jude Hospital.
Further, it is alleged that mental patients will be returned to their communities for community/family based mental health care and those who are in need of hospitalization will be referred to Victoria Hospital.
Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc opposes in the strongest possible way the Privatization of the Public Health System and insists that privatization will result in the marginalization of vulnerable populations, such as women and children who are without the necessary resources to access health care, we continue to call on the Government of Saint Lucia to open Owen King EU Hospital and complete and open St. Jude’s Hospital with haste.