King Commits to Respect for Workers and Employers Right.

Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour, Stephenson King assured workers and employers at the department of Labour, “he will work hard to ensure that their rights are respected.”
‘’On my own behalf, I give you, the workers and employers of this country, the assurance, that my team at the labour department of labour will work assiduously to ensure that your rights, entitlement and safe –guards, guaranteed within labour act, are respected and implemented both at work place and in the country generally,’’ King said in addressing to mark Labour day.
Labour Day is being celebrated under the theme ‘Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement.’’
King out-lined the theme as being rich in meaning applicable and importance.
According to the former prime minister, “it reinforces the mandate of the labour movement throughout the world. It gives value to the advancement attained by the trade unions and labour organizations and underscore the need to strengthen our resolve for social justice.’’
Minister King noted that it is too common for society to be treated as being of ordinary value; contributions from workers and strides made by trade unions and labour organizations in strengthening laws and upgrading the social and economic standards for workers.
‘’These achievements have certainly contributed to the overall national development of our Country. Landmark decisions and legislative changes are the bountiful harvest of the sweat, tears and even blood of our forefathers in the labour movement,” King remarked.
The Labour department will be working on initiatives this year.