Launch of the Guinness New Label

You can’t find happiness at the bottom well no kidding who is happy when their beer is run out?
On Thursday 12, April Guinness publicize a new, premium black and gold label design to the press, for the brands Foreign Extra Stout variant (GFEC).
According to Guinness Brand Manager, Rohan Lovence’’someone who consumes Guinness is made of more; they are unique and eye –catching. We thought what better way to stand out, then by high lighting Guinness iconic harp logo, the second most recognizable in the world.’’
The symbol of the Guinness Harp is one of the three elements of the Guinness demands, is so classic. The harp is the official National trademark of Republic of Ireland, birthplace and founder of Guinness; it’s named its first lager harp in 1960.
The refined dark-brown bottle which houses the iconic brew features gold foil and the thoughtful signature of Arthur Guinness, The harp takes the center of the new label design .Guinness giving consumers a reason to stand out.
Brewed and bottled in St.Lucia, by the Windward and Leeward Brewery. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout which taste profiles are sweet, bitter and roasted, is treasured around the world and the Caribbean.