Ministry of Health Offers Job Training To MSS Students

On Thursday 1st March 2018, the Ministry of Health & Wellness took the opportunity to host and introduce students of the Micoud Secondary School to the operations of the Ministry and the Healthcare systems in Saint Lucia. Senior Pharmacist at Victoria Hospital, Abraham Weekes explained the aim of this venture.
“What we aim at today is to give them an overview of what we do in our Healthcare system, in our Healthcare practice. Sometimes young people don’t really understand what Healthcare is about and it gives them the opportunity to see the various aspects of healthcare so that they may one day choose to become a doctor, pharmacist, nurse anyone of those professions”.
Meanwhile, Human Resource officer in the Ministry of Health, Tessa Augustin said whilst the objective of the workshop was an introduction to Healthcare operations, special focus was placed on professional work ethics in the working environment.
“We’re working with nine students today, these are the same students who will be employed whether it’s in the private sector or public sector and we’re looking to have that impact from very early on. These are things that will benefit them not only in the short term but in the long term. We have deficiencies in the public sector. We have issues where confidentiality is concerned, punctuality and attendance and we believe that in reaching out to the students at an early age we can make a difference in the long term”.
Jessica James, student of the Micoud Secondary School described the benefits she ripped from this opportunity.
“This workshop has prepared me for the working environment in terms of punctuality, socialization, and respect. After this workshop I believe that I will be able to face the outside world, not only me but my colleagues”.
The workshop ended with a tour of some of the different health facilities on the island.