Prime Minister Encourages VH Workers to Disregard an Untrue Statement made by the Media

Prime Minister Allen Chasnet, on September 3rd, 2018 expressed that the rumours which are circulating on the media about the job losses at the Victoria Hospital are false, and that no such Cabinet memo has been sent out to the Ministry of Health, or Nurses association.

In a post on his Facebook page, Hon. Allen Chasnet said, “The post by this irresponsible individual was obviously intended to undermine our health system and has created concern and worry around the world. It saddens me that persons would stoop to the level of using person’s livelihoods as a political football and call into question our ability as a nation to deliver healthcare.”


He then indicates that this issue is too important and can cause serious damage, and so he reassures the staff of the VH hospital and the health sector in general that the Government will take no decisions that will cause their jobs to be sacrificed. He describes the workers as “hardworking” and encourages them to continue to dialogue and keep helping the country to foster betterment in the necessary ways.