The Rotary club of Gros Islet and the Gros Islet Infant School collaborate for the Environment.

Press Release:
Students of the Gros Islet Infant School, supported by their parents, came out in numbers to commemorate Earth Day 2018, in a Flower planting exercise initiated by members of The Rotary Club of Gros Islet. The infant school students were very pleased to be part of a day of Service above Self.
Principal Mrs. Joseph-Charles, in her remarks during the ceremony, spoke highly of the investment in her children, as she said, “busy men and women, Rotarian’s from the Rotary Club of Gros Islet, and have worked to make this possible. She lauded their efforts for their continued involvement with the school through an ongoing Reading Programme. Rotarian’s make time to visit the school every Monday, and enjoy reading sessions with some 50 students from both the Infant and Primary Schools.
Hanna Romain, herself a past student of the Gros Islet Infant School, commended the boys and girls for their interest in preserving their environment. She challenged them “to develop their composting programme, and to reuse, reduce and recycle”.
District Education Officer Mr. Cepal admitted that he was “glad that he had given up his cricket match, to join the students as they embark on this journey of planet preservation through the planting of flowers”.
The students themselves were very enthusiastic about participating in the programme, and were undaunted by the “showers of blessing” that arrived during the proceedings. Despite the downpour, the children turned the sod and planted their pods.
The Rotary Club of Gros Islet is committed to seeing this flower planting project through to fruition, and to working with the students on a number of projects in the coming Rotary year.