VNR – 1st National Bank Lends its Support to the Youth at Job Expo 2018

1st National Bank joins a vast team of local entrepreneurs and corporate houses to help reduce the rate of unemployment on the island. The second annual Job Fair Expo, hosted by AdVizze Consulting Inc. took place at the Financial Administrative Center earlier last month offering young people employment and a wide range of other free services.
Scores of young people decided to turn their Saturday morning town ritual into a quest for education and employment thanks to the organizers of the second annual Job Fair Expo, Advizze Consulting Inc. 1st National Bank was one of the financial institutions who answered the call to sponsor the initiative as well as play a pivotal role in its success.
According to Executive Manager for Marketing and PR, Robert Fevrier, the bank has been a consistent advocate for similar events such as the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Annual Career Guidance Showcase and UWI Open day and so the team came very well prepared.
The theme for this year’s Job Expo was “Get involved” and based on the wide variety of representation and consistent flow of attendees throughout the day, the event was by all accounts a resounding success.